Heinz Migeod: St.G 3. comrades

 This page is dedicated to the comrades of Heinz during his war-time service.

Martin Mossdorf

Walter Sigel




Martin Mossdorf 

Mossdorf was one of Heinz's best friends during the war and in the Canadian POW camps. They kept in contact after the war.

During the war Martin became a Staffel leader and in 1942 was promoted to the I/St. G3 Kommandeur.

He was shot down and captured on the same day of 11/11/1942 that Heinz was shot down. Martin lead the ill-fated mission on that day.

Martin Mossdorf was a recipient of the Knights Cross.

After the war he became a dentist. He died in 2002.

Martin Mossdorf's great grand son, Martin W,  made contact  with me and sent scans of photographs to me.

 This scan of Mossdorf was sent by his great grand son Martin W.


Martin Mossdorf receiving his RK from General der Flieger Hans Seidemann. (thanks Doug Stankey for scan) 


Martin Mossdorf  (seated on the left)  in POW camp Canada. Thanks to Martin W for this scan. 

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