Heinz Migeod shot down and captured

Heinz was shot down on 11 November 1942 by a South African Air Force Kittyhawk fighter, piloted by Capt, "Hoefie" Hauptfleish of 2nd SAAF squadron  south east of Tobruk. He was then captured by members of the 7th armoured division. 34 Years after this incident Heinz met his foe who shot him down, Hoefie Hauptfleisch. They stayed friends until Hauptfleisch died in Dec 2009.



 Shot down and captured





This article appeared in a Cape Town paper 1988.

This was the aircraft that Captain Hauptfleish flew on 11 November 1942 when he shot down Heinz. (Thanks Harpia for the skins and graphics)


Heinz and Hoefie made regular visits each year. Hoefie Hauptfleish died in Dec 2009.


Heinz  shot down and captured by the British 7th Armoured division, Lybia, 11 November 1942. This photograph was taken by Heinz's captors and sent to him in Germany after the war.


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