Heinz Migeod shipping attacks

 Heinz's group did shipping missions from various airports in 1941 and 1942.  These included Argos, Maleme, Rhodes  and Martuba (Libya). He was involved with the sinking of Mountbatten's ship "Kelly" and attacks on the famous Malta convoys.



Sinking of 2 Greek battleships


Sinking of Mountbatten's ship HMS Kelly

Please note that the ship that was captained by Mountbatten and sunk was "Kelly" and Mountbatten was picked up by "Kipling". These two ships are a bit confused in the video interview. 



British convoy 1941, see flak puffs, photo taken by a staffel gunner.


23 May 1941: attack on Crete relief convoy, near miss on  most probably the destroyer  "Kipling", picture taken from  I/St.G 3 stuka.


 The destroyer "Kelly" sinking after bombed by I/St.G 3 stukas on 23 May 1941. Lord Mountbatten captained this ship when she was sunk. Picture taken by a I/St.G.3 stuka gunner.



Kamikaze stuka pilot

The pilot mentioned in this story was Uffz. Kretchmer. 

Any information on this person would be appreciated. 

 Rhodes 1941; staff of the second Staffel.



Saluting Italian officers in Rhodes: an German NCO tale


 Red cross ship

Heinz after he returned from a mission where a red cross ship was spotted but not attacked.



Italian Savoy Marchetti torpedo bombers 1942


Photograph of flak taken by stuka gunner


Attack on Tobruk harbour 

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