Heinz Migeod: News

1 February 2011 

Article published in the British "Fly Past" Magazine. Chris Goss asked permission to write an article on Heinz's war experience and to use some of the photographs of this site. Heinz gave his permission shortly before his death. Subsequently the article was published in the February issue. See copies of the  pages here.

May 2012 

National Geographic asked to use some video materials in a new documentary and I gave them limited permission with stringent conditions that they agreed upon.  No money involved as I practice all of these with no commercial intent.

15 June 2012 

Today I visited Mrs. Migeod. She is  fine, healthy, full of jokes and in high spirits! 

 Jan 2013

National Geographic program series released on TV network titled "Inside World War II" where some of Heinz's interviews are featured regarding the French campaign in 1940. In my opinion the quality and integrity of the series is very disappointing and it is a pity that National Geography fooled me to allow footage of Heinz's interview to be screened in the program. National Geography violated the conditions of agreement for Heinz's footage to be screened.

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