Heinz Migeod in the Heer artillery before the war

Artillery 1936-1938

Heinz joined the army in 1936 as volunteer candidate officer and was assigned to the field artillery regiment A.R. 12 stationed in Schwerin. In 1936 he attended the Kriegsschule Dresden. He was promoted to a non-commissioned officer  and became a Geshutzf├╝hrer (gun leader). In 1937 he attended the Kriegsschule Hannover as an officer candidate.  

Candidate officers of the artillery regiment A.R. 12  1936. Heinz is second frm the left.



Kriegsschule Dresden 1936; Heinz is in the back row second from the right.



A portrait of Heinz in 1936


Gen. Beck 1932


On maneuvers 1936.


Maneuvers 1936


A.R. 12 ready to move out on maneuvers 1936 Schwerin.


During manuevers 1936, Heinz is front in the middle.


Playing with country side chidren during maneuvers

  Parade April 1936 in Schwerin.


 Gen. Fieldmarshall von Blomberg visits A.R. 12 regiment in Schwerin 1936. Heinz is nearest to the camera in the second row. 


General von Blomberg, Heinz was present at this regimental banner handing-over ceremony in 1937, Hannover..






Commander Colonel Lieutenant  Raapke.

Hauptmann Kober, war tactics  tutor at the Hannover Kriegsschule 1937


 1938  Parade in Hannover Kriegsschule on the " Heldengedenktag" . Heinz is standing next to the person with the sword, 6th  from right.


This is Heinz's order to report to the AR 12 regiment for military service, 1936 


Heinz's service contract as condition for the officer's course. 

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