Heinz Migeod Greek campaign 1941

 Greece was attacked by the German forces and Heinz was involved with the battle to pierce the modern Metaxas line on the border with Bulgaria. When Greece was invaded Heinz flew  various missions against ground and shipping targets.  

Visit to Bulgarian airfield


April 1941: Heinz's kette (3 aircraft) visited a Bulgarian airfield. They were very well received by the Bulgarians, here Heinz is standing in the middle surrounded by Bulgarian officers.


Bulgarian airfield visit; Heinz is standing in the middle surrounded by Bulgarians, the commander of the airfield is standing next to him.


 Bulgarian airfield Belica before  the attack on Greece.


Heinz's Stuka paint scheme during the battle of Greece/Crete.  (thanks to J Bunelle and Andrew Schofield for artwork)



Attack on Metaxas line


Mechanic bitten by scorpion


Vichy French Pilots in Rhodes

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