Heinz Migeod German ww2 celebrities

 During his career Heinz's path crossed with some of the most famous personalities of ww2 Germany.

The 1938 officers school group was inspected by Hitler and Göring in the Reich chancellery just after Heinz received his officer's commission.

Heinz was personally introduced at one stage to Rommel while in North Africa. 

The officers of his wing were addressed by Kesselring in Derna.  After the war Heinz and Kesselring exchanged written communication.

Marseille was a friend of Heinz and they met occasionally at Marseille's location in North Africa and once in Bari, Italy.

Heinz met Gunther Rall at the basic  pilot schools (Neubiberg and Schleissheim) in 1938 and they were friends during their time at this unit. Heinz and Gunther kept contact with each other after the war and their last communication was in 2008.

Rudel was for a brief time in Heinz's group I/St.G 3 and Heinz clearly remembers Rudel's ill fated time while at this unit.



Hitler and Göring 




Marseille cross swords with his leader.


Marseille, Migeod, Mossdorf having a party in Bari


Gunter Rall







Letter written to Heinz from Albert Kesselring dated 1952, after Kesselring's release from war crimes sentence.


Telegram from Kesselring to Heinz dated October 1942


Letter from Kesselring to Heinz dated February 1942. 


Heinz's war-time photograph copies of Kesselring and Rommel 

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