Heinz Migeod's family

Heinz's wife Helmtraud and children


Helmtraud came from Nuremberg and she qualified herself as a chartered accountant. She worked at her farther's business situated in the centre of Nuremberg. During the war her father's business was totally destroyed by the bombing raids. She experienced and survived the severe bombing of Nuremburg.

Helmtraud's father was a veteran of the 1st world war who survived the months of extreme battle at Verdun.

Heinz met Helmtraud during a ski holiday in 1937 and they became engaged in1942. They planned to get married in December 1942. Heinz was shot down and captured in November 1942 and the marriage had to wait until 1947 when Heinz was released as a prisoner of war.

Heinz and Helmtraud have 3 chidren, Dagmar (employee at Springer in Berlin), Friedrich (medical doctor) and Klaus (medical profession). They live in Germany.

Helmtraud in 1939


Helmtraud 1939

Engagement  1942 


Helmtraud, Dagmar, Friedrich and Heinz. Picture taken in the 1950's.


Heinz's father: Friedrich Carl Migeod

Friedrich Carl Migeod fell in France in July 1918 just a few months after Heinz was born. He was a winner of Germany's 2nd highest decoration : "Hausorden von Hohenzollern"


Postcard picture of Friedrich Migeod dated 1912.


Back side of the postcard.


List of medals of Friederich Migeod


Painting of German hussar police cavalry man of 19?? as decoration in Heinz's house.



Heinz's mother: Annemarie Migeod 

She lived and raised Heinz on the Kriegersdorff estate  near the town of Strasburg (Brodnica)  in the Polish corridor. She was a housewife and died in 1948.


Picture taken at their house in the 1920's.  Annemarie is standing on the left.


Heinz's mother 

Heinz's father and mother 


Aerial photograph of the estate with their house  at Kriegersdorff.


Close-up view of their house.


Letter written to Annemarie by his ex squadron regarding Heinz in September 1943


A letter wriiten to Annemarie by I./St.G 3 notifying  her of Hein'z promotion to Hauptmann while he was a POW in Canada.


Heinz in school 

Heinz attended school at the coastal town of Zoppot and finished in 1937.




Henz's life saving qualification 1934 

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