Heinz Migeod during the Crete campaign 1941

I/St.G. 3 launched  attacks on Crete from the Argos (North, close to the ruins of Mykene) airfield in the Peloponnese. They bombed ground targets mainly around the airfield of Maleme in support of the invading German paratroops but also did a devastating attack on Royal Navy ships that supported the defenders of Crete. Heinz has a good collection of staffel pictures taken during these operations.


Attack on Crete 


Mission on Partisan stronghold 



 Flying  in open formation from Argos airfield (Peloponnese) to do attacks in Crete: 22 May 1941


German gliders used for the assault on Maleme airfield May 1941.


 Falschirmjaeger attack on Maleme airfield.

 Assault on Maleme airfield from the air.


This is part of a series of explosions that was due to a tragic accident where a friend pilot of Heinz collieded with another aircraft at their airfield in Argos north, Peloponnese. This caused a chain reaction where other bombs also exploded. This picture was taken on the return flight of Heinz's staffel. His gunner took this photograph. During this incident a very good pilot friend of Heinz died: Wilhelm Ebner.


Attack on hill next to Maleme airfield???

 Ju 52 wreckage near Maleme airfield after the battle



Stuka accident at Argos

10 May 1941:  accident at Argos airfield.

 Ju 52 wreckage near Maleme airfield after the battle


 Ju 52 wreckage near Maleme airfield after the battle

 Heinz's stuka at Maleme airfield, Crete


1000 kg bomb


Heinz flying in the leading stuka


Heinz and his gunner Uffz. Motset


Wounded air gunner

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