Dr. Migeod Thanks for the endless hours you spent to share your war  career with me and your willingness to do this in front of the camera. Thanks that you made available all your documentation to be copied and  presented on this site.

Mrs. Migeod Thanks for your patience and help (translations) with this project. A special thanks for the coffee/tea/soft drinks you served with every one of my visits. (I especially enjoyed the cookies!)

Bruce (Wiley) Wallace Thank you for the research and help in getting this site properly presentable.

Anton Hart Thanks for the documentation and photographs of Dr. Migeod that you have helped with.

Doug Stankey Doug thanks for the photographs, Luftwaffe group background and complete chronology list of Heinz.

Petr Warry Thank you for making available your ww2 colour footage compilations  :

 Championfx (Stan) Thanks Stan for making available your German news reel compilations to be used here.

Andrew Schofield  IL2  stuka aircraft graphics, thanks for this.

Kirk Kinnear Thanks Kirk for the photographs of Heinz at the BOB anniversary  2000.

Chris Goss Thanks Chris for allowing publication of your private collection stuka pictures on this site. Chris is an author of ww2 aviation books:

Martin Wassmann Thank you Martin for the photograph scans of your great grandfather Martin Mossdorf.








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