Heinz Migeod campaign in France 1940

Heinz was involved with the western campaign where Belgium, Holland and France were overrun in 1940 by the German forces. He flew stuka missions as a ground support role but also attacked independent targets like ships, airfields and far distant columns. His staffel (2 staffel of I./St.G 76) was stationed at various airfields including Dockendorf, Bastogne, Guise 


   Shot down over Belgium



 Germany started the French campaign on 10th of May 1940.  Just two days later on the 12th of May,  Heinz's Stuka was shot down.  He tells the story how his gunner, Uffz. H Gäth, died after being wounded.

Paint scheme of Stuka in which Heinz was shot down during the Battle of France. (thanks to Andrew Schofield for artwork)



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where the French pilot , Edmond Marin La Meslée claimed he shot down a Ju-87 on the 12th of May 1940 near the town of Bouillon which is located approximately 15 km north of Sedan.  Heinz crash landed near the village of Dohan, which is just 5 km east of Bouillon, and his gunner was initially buried at Dohan.  It is probable that la Meslee may have been the GC 1/5 pilot who shot Heinz down.  The other possibility would be François Perina of the same French escadrille.

La Meslee flew a Curtiss H-75A which is the export version of the American Curtiss P-36 Hawk, the predecessor to the Curtiss P-40.  Heinz's mention of a P40, then, is an error in nomenclature, as France did not possess the P-40 in 1940.

La Meslee was shot down and died in February 1945 due to enemy AA fire while flying a P-47



 Flying Officer / First Lieutenant
Edmond Marin La Meslée


 Curtiss H-75A n°217

GC I/5 1ère escadrille
Suippes (51), May 10th 1940

Heinz's Stuka  Ju-87 B  aircraft  with his gunner  Gefr. Motzet in France.



Story of how they manage to slaughter a calf to feed the staffel



 Targets in France


On 26 May 1940 Heinz's group attacked targets in Calais. He said that a couple of Spitfires crashed to the ground while attacking the stukas while diving. Any confirmation information regarding the relative RAF squadron and pilot names will be highly appreciated .


Accidental shooting of civilians  



Miracle at Dunkirk 



Heinz's commander: Walter Sigel


 Walter Sigel: this was Heinz's commander when he joined the stuka group and remained his commander until his captivity in 1942.



Chateaus and red wine



Sweet life in France 



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