Heinz Migeod: attack on Malta convoy Pedestal

 In August 1942 St.G 3 stuka group was transferred to the Trapani airfield in Sicily. From there Heinz was involved with an attack on the largest Malta convoy code named "Pedestal".



 The HMS Indomitable was part of the "Pedestal" Malta convoy. Heinz mentioned that their group also shot down an aircraft from the Indomitable  that he described as being a very slow type of plane but can not remember the name. Help with the identification of the Indomitable aircraft that was shot down on this day and the relevant British pilot would be very much appreciated.

Aircraft present on the Indomitable were Sea Hurricanes, Fairy Fulmars and Albacores.

The plane that Heinz's gruppe shot down could be the Fulmar as it was a slow and bulky plane.

It would be great if  someone can give reference to the Indomitable's official combat report on this incident.




Heinz's Stuka (Ju87D) paint scheme during this mission.  (thanks to Andrew Schofield for artwork)

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