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Stuka pilot Heinz Migeod  (SEE LATEST NEWS HERE)


Hi and welcome to this site;

I met Dr. Migeod at a South African Military History Society (SAMHS) meeting in Cape Town during May 2010 where he  made a small presentation of his involvement as a Luftwaffe pilot during the French campaign of 1940. I was amazed with Heinz's clear account of the happenings of 70 years ago and asked  him if I could interview him on camera at his house to record these very interesting and historically important stories.

The purpose of this web site is to present the interviews with Heinz and other related information. Heinz has a fine collection of photographs from his pre- and war years and this together with some of his past military documentation are also presented here. 

This is a non-political web site and is done for historical purposes and not to glorify or promote any past political group.

Special thanks to Bruce (Wiley) Wallace for his research and assistance with the construction of this site.

This is a living web site. Any input will be much appreciated regarding additional information, correctness, information from relatives of members who served with Heinz in his staffel/gruppe, photographs, stories etc. Please e-mail   me or leave a message in the comment box.

Tinus le Roux                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Aug 2010                                                      


 EDIT November 2010:  I am very sad  to announce that Dr. Migeod passed away  on  18 November 2010. Condolences to Helmtraud, Dagmar, Friedrich and Klaus for the loss of your beloved husband and father.

Please  click  to see the memoriam page.

Mrs. and Dr. Migeod South Africa June 2010.








 1942 (thanks to Anton Hart)


Career summary

  • Born on 24 February 1918 at Stettin Germany.
  • Joined the German army artillery in 1936
  • Joined the German Luftwaffe in 1938 and became a Stuka pilot
  • Participated in the campaigns of France, Battle of Britain, Balkans, maritime war in the mediterrainean, Crete and Africa.
  • POW from 1942 - 1947 in Canada 
  • Emigrated to South Africa in 1974





Heinz aged 7 in 1925


 Heinz wrote a book about the role of the commander in the German war-time army relating to his personal experience. See more information here.







Heinz in the leading Stuka flying over Crete 


Heinz showing his officer's promotion certificate signed by Herman Göring. 


 Some of Heinz's war time photographs.

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